Velentine’s Day Bio-Routine

100.00 CAD

High performance organic skincare.
Zorah`s ideal Valentine`s Day bio routine.


The famous celebration of love is right around the corner!

Whether you decide to spend it with your loved one - or on a relaxing date night with yourself - here is our recommended bio-routine for a memorable evening!
Oh dear!

STEP 1 : Soften your skin to maximize sensitivity
Relax in a hot bath and exfoliate your skin with ROZO

STEP 2: Create impact by firming up the decollete area
Apply EOS, neck and decollete firming concentrate, for a powerful lifting effect

STEP 3: Moisturize and tone body
Generously apply GAIA, body cream

STEP 4: Spice up the evening…
Warm up Pure Argan oil and offer a memorable body massage to your partner

STEP 5: Awaken all your senses and use your imagination with aphrodisiac BIOlala lubricant!


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